A Mexican-American Woman Plans To Vote For Trump, Because She's An AMERICAN
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Re: Allan Wall's article Memo From Middle America: Mexicans Swear They’ll Never Pay For A Border Wall…But They Will!

From: M. A. Gonzales [Email her]

Given the way many people classify others, most would probably say I’m Hispanic or Mexican-American. I look stereotypically Mexican-American: short, brown, dark hair and eyes. I speak Spanish fluently. Heck, I even read and write it. My last name is Hispanic. And I’ve spent years of my adult life working with Mexicans in Mexico and the US and with Mexican-Americans in education and business.

So now that I’ve established what many people would consider my bona fides, I have to confess that I’m going to take the advice of Mexican Foreign Secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu who said, “I’m optimistic that people [Mexican Americans in the United States] will stand up for themselves and vote in accordance to their values and their views,”.

She’s right. So I’ve already requested to change my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican just so that I can vote in the Republican primary election in my state because I want to vote in accordance with my values. I’m voting for Trump because I want him to win the nomination so that I can vote for him again in November.

Why do I want to vote for Trump? Because he is the only candidate who calls Mexico on its shit. (Sorry for the foul language but this is one of those cases where it seems appropriate.)

For years I have watched Mexicans game the system in the US. I have personally watched Mexicans send millions of dollars outside of this country while at the same time they game the system in housing benefits, WIC, SNAP, tax refunds, traffic laws, labor laws, driver’s licenses, insurance, and education benefits. And I also I see most of these same Mexicans have the gall to arrogantly complain about their lives here and demand, demand their “rights” to stay here even though they are violating American immigration laws.

I see Mexican students at school that complain because they have to learn English. A bigger bunch of “ingratos” and “malagradecidos” (ingrates) I’ve never met. (Well, maybe I have. The Cuban immigrants I know are quite ungrateful also.) On the day of Trump’s infamous speech about Mexico not sending its best people here I said to myself that I’d finally seen a candidate for whom I’d be willing to donate money to his campaign. So I did. And I will again.

My grandparents didn’t move here from Mexico and my father and uncles didn’t serve in the US Army so their descendants would end up living in Mexico again. I think it’s important that the arrogant SOBs of the Mexican government and governing class know that they don’t own the descendants of Mexicans in the US and we have no obligation to vote in any way that benefits Mexico. And why not? Because there comes a point where one stops being Mexican and one is an American.


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