A Texas Reader Says Democrats are Nogoodniks
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A Michigan Reader Blames Bush and the Chamber of Commerce

From: Michael W. Johnson: [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: How Vicente Outfoxed Dubya

I'm puzzled by Guzzardi's statement that, "Bush is willing to take down the Republican Party in 2006 before he will do right thing on immigration for the American people."

Other than not bothering to vote, what alternative to the Republican Party is there? Surely he's not referring to the Democrats?

While I quite agree with Guzzardi's assessment of President Bush, I believe that he's out of sync with his party on the immigration issue.

Lest we forget, the Democrats gave us the 1965 law that began our present immigration disaster, and a Democratic Congress gave us the 1986 amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The DNC claims to support "secure borders and orderly immigration," but their true position can be discerned by their description of Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist as an "anti-immigration extremist."

(See the DNC website on Gilchrist here:) 

Democrat doesn't automatically translate to bad, but it does seem that Democrats want to put the whole world on welfare.

I'm glad that Guzzardi and his fellow VDARE.COM contributors are exceptions, but they don't seem to have much influence on their national party.

Perhaps they're Democrats because it's a family tradition, the way some people are Roman Catholics or Chicago Cubs fans.


Joe Guzzardi comments: When Johnson writes about the Democrats who regularly contribute to VDARE.COM, he is referring to Linda Thom, Brenda Walker, Randall Burns, Don Collins and me. Perhaps given the state of things these days, there are others who have not made an official announcement.

As a fiscal and social conservative, I used to be a Republican. I voted for Barry Goldwater (hardly a man is still alive, etc, etc), Richard Nixon (several times), Gerald Ford, Ronald Regan, and George H. W. Bush.

And not all my non-Republican presidential votes went to Democrats. I supported John Anderson and Ross Perot.

If the G.O.P. went back to being fiscally and socially conservative (as in its immigration policy) I could return to my roots and vote Republican again.

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