A Mexican-American In Texas Writes About Corruption In Texas Contracting Caused By Actual Mexicans
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Re: Mexican Corruption Observed on Houston Construction Sites

From: Ricardo Charles [Email him]

Mexican Cliques In Construction

I saw my name mentioned on VDARE.com. I am Ricardo Charles, author of the book Mexican Cliques in Construction. My book is focused in corruption in  the construction industry. Even though my cause is not against immigration I respect your point of view as well the opinion of every American.

Fox News and many people focus on Mexicans bringing their culture into our industry. I wrote with the purpose to expose everybody and let industries know about the danger we are facing with this culture of mordidas. It is sick and we need to stop this.

This culture causes a great loss of billions of dollars to the American economy. The Motiva Port Arthur, Texas project: estimated budget $6 billion and the money was gone half way through the project.

As of now is costing over $7+ billion and it not finished yet. It is only one project of hundreds. It is typical for me to see an estimated $75 million project to end up in $150 million.  My book covers why projects fail. All these contractors are from the same association, like lawyers fighting a case and having lunch together during a recess. Firing Paul Construction and Peter Construction taking over it is only a show because all the Mexicans that were working with Paul  are hired by Peter.

We are all the same workers moving from company to company. One superintendent fired from a company for taking bribes the following month starts with a different company and sometimes in the same project, thanks to all the compadres he had made as a superintendent.

I know what I am taking about. I grew up across the border and socially I am Mexican as much as I am an American. All the these born Mexicans are legal and are backed up by Mexican Americans born here and by white people. I truly respect people who fight for their rights.

James Fulford writes: Mr. Charles's book is self-published, which means that it may be less than totally professional in form, but I honor him for writing it. A book with that title is not likely to be published by a regular publishing house, not because it's not true and important, but because people don't want to know.

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