A North Carolina Reader Eagerly Awaits John McCain's Comeuppance
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From:  Ed Patterson [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: McCain Musings On Memorial Day Weekend

As a Vietnam veteran who fought in the Pleiku area, the only thing I like about this man McCain is his firm opposition to the torture of prisoners.  Everything else about him is repulsive

Whenever I hear someone mention McCain's name as a successor to George Bush I always ask, "Why?"

The responses are invariably shallow:

"I like him because I hear so many talking heads mention his name so often.  And he's a war hero.  And he calls his presidential campaign the 'Straight Talk Express' so he must be a straight talker."   

I imagine him on the campaign trail having to answer the same questions over and over: 

"Senator McCain, what on earth were you thinking when you fought so hard to impose that abomination of a bill on the citizens of America?  Were you deaf to the outcry against it on every conservative talk radio program in the country?  Do you really expect us to vote for you after you ignored us - to respect you after you betrayed us?  Did you think we would forget?"

It will be fun to watch McCain venture outside his comfortable DC cocoon to ask the Republicans for their support.  I anticipate temper tantrums and pouting when   angry crowds hound McCain because of his immigration position.

S. 2611 will take both McCain and Frist down. It will be sweet to behold.  Unfortunately their fall is about a year and nine months away but it should be worth the wait.

Thanks to all you good folks at VDARE.COM

Patterson is a carpenter living in Raleigh who earned a bachelor's degree from North Carolina State in Industrial Arts Education.

About illegal immigration, Patterson says:

"My ancestors have lived in North Carolina for many generations.  My great grandfather fought in the Civil War on the losing side.  He, like every red-blooded Southern man of his time, risked his life trying to repulse the invaders from the North.  Now we're being invaded again, this time from the opposite direction.  I owe it to my ancestors to do everything in my power to keep North Carolina from being turned into Aztlan."

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