A Mexican Reader Says Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos
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From:  A. Labra [e-mail him]

Re: An Economist's Column: George Will Can't Count—Deportation No Problema

Immigration is a complex issue: aliens, criminals, and invaders.

The bigot needs his ethnicity to aid his unaccomplished life. He can't win without his color. It's his only asset. The bigot must blame someone else for his poor decisions.  A bigot's success depends upon others.

Since NAFTA, millions of people have lost their way of life on both sides of the border.

Like the title says:

        "We're here and we're not going anywhere."

Joe Guzzardi comments: Immigration is simple, not complex. Individuals illegally in the US should be deported, not coddled. And the borders must be secured, not left wide open.

I hope Sr. Labra reads another contribution by "An Economist": Go Home Now! 

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