An Arizona Reader Pens A New National Anthem
June 01, 2006, 05:00 AM
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From:  David Pittman

After listening to President Bush`s immigration speech, I wrote an updated version of the Nation Anthem.

I call it the New Middle Class American National Anthem. Sing it to the tune of television`s Green Acres theme song

Third world America is the place for me
Fringe living is the new life for me
Poverty spreadin` far and wide
Keep middle class beaten, just give me more carbon  

Twenty first century is where I`d rather stay
I didn`t want my job to get sent away
I just abhor my new tent house view
Dub ya- I now live in the park`s avenue

Cheap labor whores
Chinese goods stores
Toxic air
No more health care

You sold out me and my wife
Good- bye 21st century life
Third world we are here

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