An Arizona Reader Pens A New National Anthem
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05/31/06 - A North Carolina Reader Eagerly Awaits John McCain's Comeuppance

From:  David Pittman

After listening to President Bush's immigration speech, I wrote an updated version of the Nation Anthem.

I call it the New Middle Class American National Anthem. Sing it to the tune of television's Green Acres theme song

Third world America is the place for me
Fringe living is the new life for me
Poverty spreadin' far and wide
Keep middle class beaten, just give me more carbon  

Twenty first century is where I'd rather stay
I didn't want my job to get sent away
I just abhor my new tent house view
Dub ya- I now live in the park's avenue

Cheap labor whores
Chinese goods stores
Toxic air
No more health care

You sold out me and my wife
Good- bye 21st century life
Third world we are here

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