A NJ Reader Exposes What Those Haitian Immigrants Are All About
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From: Jim Rossi (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Voodoo Priests Asked To Aid Haitian Recovery

In The Serpent and the Rainbow, white Harvard scientist Wade Davis tells of being initiated into Haiti's secret Voodoo societies.

In the society Davis joins, he's assured child sacrifice is only symbolic.

It's obvious from Davis' writing that he has doubts. A government worker that Davis respects, but not an initiate, tells him that child sacrifice is real, but denied to all who might object. He explains to Davis that one can not serve both God and the devil, and that the secret societies serve the devil.

A friend of mine grew up in Cuba, where as it is in Haiti, Santeria is practiced.

Santeria is a mixing of Catholic and West African religious symbols and rituals, reputedly including child sacrifice.

According to my friend, she said families watched their young children very closely around the Christmas season when child sacrifice was rumored to take place because occasionally orphaned children disappear in December.

The next time you read a story advocating for more Haitian immigrants, read Davis' book.

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