A New Zealand Reader Writes On The Philippines and Immigration
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From: Kevin [Email him]

Re: A Reader Compares The Philippines To Latin America

I enjoyed Angry White Male's letter  to vdare.com re: the Philippines. Your experiences accord somewhat with my own though fortunately I missed out on having my luggage stolen as happened to one young Swede who found that his taxi had broken down. The driver asked him if he could push the cab to the side of the road. This he was duly doing when the cab suddenly burst into life and took off down the road.

The Philippines is like much of Asia. It's just that it isn't like East Asia—more Southeast Asia. Indonesia and the Philippines for example are comparable. I would disagree that Filipinos are exploited by the Catholic Church. I would say their commitment to Catholicism is nominal to say the least. As for the Chinese—they control all of Southeast Asia apart from Vietnam which happily got rid of them with the exodus of the boat people. Nevertheless, I do have some sympathy for Southeast Asians. I fear that the Chinese will come to dominate my own country. They're already overrepresented at universities here and most especially in those courses that actually matter. Our IQ may not (as in the case of Malays) be much lower than the Chinese but it is lower and in that I see our future writ.

I have one little story. Not so long ago I had dealings with a well-to-do Chinese-Filipina. Some in her family wanted to migrate to Toronto. She objected on the grounds that it was just like New Delhi. I thought that somewhat amusing. Of course, living rich in the Philippines probably isn't that bad.

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