Raoul Lowery Contreras Doesn't Like Anonymous Attorney
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11/18/10 - A New Zealand Reader Writes On The Philippines and Immigration

From: Raoul Lowery Contreras [Email him]

Anonymous lawyer, you are all f*cked up (That is such a glorious and on-point English word). You are guilty of felony stupidity. I'll bet you never questioned the fact that 19% of American Combat arms are Hispanic (almost 98% Mexican American). You, being a slacker military duty avoider like Obama, deserve to be sentenced to life in prison for being felony stupid or to a lifetime of advocating in small claims court.

I am not anonymous, I am,

Raoul Lowery Contreras

San Diego

Semper Fi, *sshole!(This, too, is a glorious English word)

James Fulford writes: We'd like to know if Raoul (see here for previous VDARE.COM appearances) was sober when he wrote this. (Aside from the part we've added asterisks to, the word "glorious" was originally spelled "lgoriosu.") Further, we'd like to know which Anonymous Attorney post Raoul was objecting to, specifically.  We'd like to know where he gets his figures on Hispanic service members, since they seem to be all wrong.

We'd like to know why he thinks that Barack Hussein Obama, whose eighteenth birthday was August 4, 1979, can be considered a "military duty avoider" considering that the draft had been abolished when he was twelve, and none of his universities had ROTC.

Finally, we'd like to know why Raoul's brief service in the USMC, [United States Marine Corps, Active and Reserve, 1959-1967, 491 Tank Battalion,4th Marine Division, Training and Operations (S-3), Honorably Discharged, Cpl.] which ended 43 years ago and   appears to have been conducted entirely at Camp Elliot, entitles him to make like he's Chesty F*cking Puller.

We'd like to know these things, but not enough to actually ask him.

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