Race And Nationality Unmentioned In CA Bike Crash Headlines
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From: A VDARE.com Reader (Email him)

The L.A. Times' write up of the multiple-death accident involving motorcyclists last weekend neglects to mention that the driver of one of the cars involved was a drunken Mexican.  But it does mention that he was given a blood test — just does not that he failed it. [Survivor tells of motorcycle crash horror, By Tony Perry and Ruben Vives, November 14, 2010]

A CHP officer said it wasn't the drunken Mexican's fault, but that the driver "overcompensated" when responding to an emergency obstacle. 

That is why you are supposed to stay sober while driving.

James Fulford writes: While many stories identified the driver of the car that actually hit the cyclists as Carlos Bobadilla of Mexicali, the headlines refer to him as "Suspect," "Driver," "Arrest," and "One Person."

The speeding driver considered responsible for the crash who escaped isn't identified either—he can't be, because he escaped, and if he was of Mexican appearance, they're not going to tell us.  But we do know that he fled to Mexico.

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