A NC Reader Urges Everyone To Check Their State's Sex Offender Registry
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From: The Scottsman (e-mail him)

Re: Simon Krejsa's Column: Hispanic Sex Offenders Listed As "White" In Wisconsin. Why

Out of curiosity, I checked North Carolina and neighboring South Carolina sex offender registries to see if I found the same results as Krejsa regarding common Hispanic surnames and their actual racial classification.

The three major categories are white, black and "U," presumably for "unknown".  No Hispanic category appears

In both North and South Carolina, the overwhelming majority of offenders named Gonzalez, Martinez, etc are categorized as white with a small percentage labeled unknown. None are listed as black. 

And of course, according to the sex offender registries, there's no such thing as Hispanic
You can check your own state by Googling it's name and "sex offender registry

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