A New York Reader Wonders If Anyone Will Ask Kamala About Her High-Caste Indian Privilege
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Re: VDARE.com Roundup: Indian Caste Discrimination, Indian IQ, And Indian Affirmative Action and Brahmins Discriminate Against Untouchables in Silicon Valley

From: A New York Legal Professional [Email him]

Kamala Harris is a high caste Brahmin, the ruling class of a nation of 1.38 billion, through her mother's family. How does she not enjoy hereditary privilege far worse than that of white people?

India retains, despite nominal opposition, a social hierarchy that identifies Indians by skin color at long range, and regulates their relationships to those above and below them very harshly.

Aren't Brahmins responsible for some of the worst racism, slavery, and repression on the planet—now, and for the last 2,600 years? What makes that date significant? That's when Gautama Buddha spoke out against it. A bit earlier than 1619, yes?

Doesn't she and her family owe a few hundred million Dalits (aka Untouchables) living in dire poverty a humble and contrite apology, and all the money in the world?

Who will ask Harris this question?

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