A Tennessee Reader Says Americans Don't Want Ag Jobs—When They Require Eighty Hours Weekly!
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From: Tom Parker (e-mail him)

For those outside the agriculture industry who doubt that cheap labor is at the heart of all the sobbing about "crops rotting in the field", they should talk to 28-year-old American Sabrina Steele. [Tennessee Woman Accuses Farm of Favoring Foreigners, by Jennifer Lawinski, Fox News, January 8, 2009]

Looking for extra income to support her two elementary school children, Steele was told by Pope's Plant Farm that she would have to work 80 hours a week and would be the only English-speaker employed.

At another farm, Steele was not even allowed to fill out an application.

And it is not as if Steele isn't qualified. She grew up on a farm.

Said Steele in summary:

"But these employers have to hire the people (Americans) that apply because we need the income here. We have too many people that are losing their homes every day, and if they're willing to do the work, I think they should have the opportunity to do the work."

Steele's case is another example in how crass American government is when it comes to protecting its own citizens.

Parker is a computer technician. 

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