New York Governor Condemns Murder of Ecuadoran
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This article is a rare MSM report that specifies the race of the attackers in the murder of the Ecuadoran immigrant in New York. Also notable was the statement of New York's Governor David Paterson condemning "hate" crimes against foreigners, as he showed extra concern by meeting with the family of the victim [Gov. Paterson visits family of hate crime victim Jose Sucuzhanay, New York Daily News, Dec 19, 2008].
Gov. Paterson met Thursday with the family of an Ecuadoran immigrant beaten to death in a Brooklyn bias attack and urged New Yorkers to help police find the thugs who did it. [...]

Sucuzhanay, a 31-year-old real estate broker and father of two, was badly bludgeoned Dec. 7 in Bushwick by three black men who shouted anti-gay and anti-Hispanic slurs, witnesses said.

Sucuzhanay's body is being flown back to his native Ecuador today to be buried.

Paterson said he promised the family he would do all he can to help find the killers.

"I wanted to let them know that the power of the executive branch and the powers of the state will be utilized to the fullest extent," he said.

This was a terrible crime, and I'm sorry the guy got killed. But I don't recall New York Governor Pataki condemning the 2006 murder of independent film director Adrienne Shelly by illegal alien Diego Pilco who killed her so she couldn't call ICE and have him deported.

I don't remember the state executive taking an interest in the murder of the high school student from Westchester County, Elizabeth Butler, killed by a previously arrested illegal alien who was not deported.

When Rockland County housewife Mary Nagle was brutally killed in 2005 by an illegal alien hired to work on the family home, previously arrested (but undeported) Guatemalan Douglas Herrera, Governor Pataki did not speak out against lax immigration enforcement.

Is it not curious that New York elected officials care more about foreigners murdered in America than American citizens who are killed by illegal aliens?

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