A Reader In Alaska Says The Mainstream Media Has "A New One"
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From: Ryan Kennedy: (e-mail him)

The ever-inventive MSM, this time represented by the Associated Press, has come up with a new one: "Indigenous Mexicans." Read it here: Survey: Many Wash. farmworkers indigenous, By Manuel Valdes, Associated Press, August 20, 2008.

See? The Mexicans are indigenous, native-born and bred. 

We are the interlopers around these parts. By the constant reference to Mexican farm workers as "indigenous," AP suggests that we are the aliens.

A previous letter from Kennedy about the constantly shifting definition of "indigenous" is here. Also read Kennedy's most recent VDARE.COM column about Hillary Clinton's summer spent working at an Alaskan fish cannery, archived here.

James Fulford writes: Of course, what the story means by referring to "indigenous Mexicans" is that they're indigenous to MexicoMexican Indians who not only don't speak English, they don't, after five hundred years of Spanish rule in Mexico, speak much Spanish either.

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