A New York Reader Reports New York AG Letitia James Bullying Upstate NY Town Into Demographic Dispossession
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Re: Clayton Bishop’s blog post NY Town Recognizes That Demography Is Destiny: "Chester Buying Property ‘To Keep The Hasidic Out’"

From: A New York Taxpayer [Email him]

Clayton Bishop wrote about what was a “white pill” at the time back in 2018.

A small town in upstate New York recognized the demographic danger posed by an invading population and the town’s political leaders took immediate actions to halt their residents’ dispossession.

He wrote

The details of the public reaction and the political response are also stunning. Instead of proclaiming how "diverse" this will make Chester, the public correctly recognizes that an ethnic minority can enter into a new area and quickly take over political control if left unchecked. What is even more shocking is that the politicians seem to actually be listening to their voters instead of lecturing them on being more "tolerant" and "inclusive." As a matter of fact, the political leadership appears to be taking immediate steps to halt any further advancements by the Hasidic community.

The situation involving the Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel in that region of New York might help to explain the rapid public and political reaction to the news that Hasidic Jews are moving into the town en masse. People who live there are aware of how the closely knit Hasidic Jewish community vote as a bloc and reproduce at a much higher rate than the surrounding population which ends up giving them a demographic edge. This inevitably results in the Hasidic Jews increasing their political control and actually just recently led to them carving their own town out of another and creating a strange type of ethno-municipality in upstate New York. [Call It Splitsville, N.Y.: Hasidic Enclave to Get Its Own Town, by Lisa Foderaro, The New York Times,November 19, 2017]

What this teaches us is that the biggest "red-pill" is witnessing something firsthand. These people have learned that demographics is destiny and they're actually doing something about it.

Sadly, it appears that this story did not have a happy ending due to the actions of the diversity hire black and female NY Attorney General.

New York Attorney General Letitia James today announced that her office has reached agreements with Orange County and the Town of Chester to end their use of discriminatory housing practices that were designed to prevent members of the Jewish community from moving to Chester, New York. The agreements mandate that the county and the town comply with the Fair Housing Act and take preventative measures to ensure equitable housing practices moving forward.

“The discriminatory and illegal actions perpetrated by Orange County and the Town of Chester are blatantly antisemitic, and go against the diversity, inclusivity, and tolerance that New York prides itself on,” said Attorney General James. “Every New Yorker deserves equal opportunities in housing, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or their faith. Today and every day, I stand with all communities against hate and discrimination, which will not be tolerated in New York state.”

 Attorney General James Ends Discriminatory Housing Practices Against Jewish Community in Orange County [New York], June 18th 2021

Of course the small town was bullied into a settlement agreement by the state at the behest of numerous organizations which, dare I say it, appear to be engaging in a Jewish form of “identity politics.” Read the rest of the press release which is literally just quote after quote from all the different Jewish organizations out there. I lost track by the end! You have to wonder if town residents reading this are wondering why aren’t there equivalent advocacy organizations out there for the people in that poor town which is going to soon be completely transformed?

So the white pill about a red pill turned into a black pill. Even if our people wake up and get organized and start trying to do something, larger government entities controlled by Democrats will just crack down on us until we roll over and accept our replacement.



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