A CA Journalism Student Notes New York Times Just Threw Us Our "Once In A While" Bone
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From: Linda Cromwell (e-mail her) 

Last September, I wrote that the mainstream media's strategy is to throw the immigration reform community a bone once in a while in the form of a favorable op-ed or a letter to the editor so we you can't claim that it "never" prints our views.

Well, after months of rotten editorials, Nina Bernstein's pro-immigration stories and assorted attacks on patriots, the New York Times finally threw its bone to us.

The Times published a letter from Texas U.S. Representative Ted Poe, writing in response to its latest stinker. [A Sense of Who We Are, Editorial, New York Times, January 12, 2008]

Titled "Choosing to Flout the Law," here's Poe's excellent comment, all 133 words of it

"Illegal status is not a circumstance that just materialized for illegal immigrants; they made conscious decisions to come here illegally or to violate their visa terms.

"Our nation has generous legal immigration policies. Those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law have chosen to disregard it and enter our country the wrong way.

"The editorial does not mention that families do not need to be separated by deportation; deportees can take their children with them when they depart. And because deportation proceedings are not criminal in nature, aliens do not have the fundamental right to a lawyer as criminal defendants do.

"The Times, in its many criticisms of the Bush administration, purports to care about lawful conduct. When it comes to illegal immigrants, apparently the law goes out the window." [Letters to the Editor, New York Times, January 22, 2009]

Mark your calendar for June 1stthe date when you can expect to read something favorable in the Times again.

Cromwell interned at a major California newspaper infamous for its horrible immigration coverage. Her previous letter about John McCain's presidential campaign is here.

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