A New Orleans Reader Notes Diversity In Rainforest Is Due To Constant Struggle, Not Harmony
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From: Michael D. [Email him]

I thought VDARE.com might be interested in this story: Battle for Survival May Yield the Rain Forest’s Diversity, By Carl Zimmmer,  NYTimes.com, January 2, 2014.

Here's a myth concerning diversity overturned, though not involving humans. According to the article, orthodoxy among biologists had that the diversity present in rainforests was due to specialization where plants and animals can coexist in relative harmony. New evidence provides no surprise: it's war. [See On Tropical Forests and Their Pests,By Phyllis D. Coley and Thomas A. Kursar, Science, January 3, 2014]

The beauty and diversity emerges from Bellum omnium contra omnes, the Hobbesian war of "all against all".

I had traditionally found the harmonious biodiversity analogy troubling—after all, the Cultural Marxists could perhaps use the wonders of diversity in biospheres like the rainforest to justify multiculturalism. Not anymore.

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