A Hollywood Conservative Says LA Country GOP More Hollywood Than Republican
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Patrick Cleburne’s blog post LA County GOP: A Minion Of Hollywood

From: A Hollywood Conservative [Email him]

Mark VafiadesAs has been the way of the LA GOP for some time now, Mark Vafiades [pictured right] is carrying on the tradition of the Establishment GOP. His links to Hollywood are minor, as Patrick Cleburne pointed out, and he stands in fierce opposition to the liberty movement within the party.

Cleburne got it right about this guy. He is no friend to America and is an Establishment hack. He runs the county party like it's his own personal fiefdom and he is the dictator. He is driving away people not only here, but in the Hollywood Congress of Republicans as well.

As long as he continues to act as he does, the Republican Party will be a party of the Left. How do I know this?

I am a member of RPLAC and witness this first hand. I personally would like to see him removed from the chair

He and his cronies won't even support candidates in LA County and are also running candidates against fellow Republicans (which we can’t afford to do) because they don't hold the same Establishment ideology as  the RPLAC committee.

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