A New Jersey Reader Says 2008 Isn't Bloomberg's Year—Although 2012 May Be
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01/21/08 - A South Carolina Reader, Marine and Korean War Veteran Says He "Would Never" Vote For McCain

From: Mike Morris (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Obama and Clinton's Pro-Illegal Record May Keep Them Out Of The White House

I don't think a Michael Bloomberg run is in the cards this time around.

Politically, Bloomberg is very astute. When his polling tells him he is strongest among Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, he won't enter the race.

In reality, Bloomberg is a liberal Democrat, (pro-amnesty, pro all forms of immigration, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-gay marriage, pro-tax increases, and an elitist with little appeal to rank and file Republicans.)  He doesn't want to risk his future by sabotaging the Democrats.

Just as importantly, Bloomberg knows the Democrats he needs for a successful presidential run, whenever it may occur, will never forgive him if he contributes to a Republican victory in 2008—much the same as conservatives never forgave Nelson Rockefeller for supporting Lyndon Johnson against Barry Goldwater in 1964.

It doesn't look like any of the current presidential aspirants have what it takes to even begin solving our problems.

After four more years of the same or worse under whichever candidate wins, it's very possible people will be fed up enough in 2012 to abandon the mainstream of both parties to support Bloomberg, much as people were so fed up in 1980, they fled both party bases to vote for Ronald Reagan.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Morris' Bloomberg analysis is intelligent as contrasted to some of the nonsense heard on mainstream television. For example, CNN political reporter Keith Boykin said this about the New York Mayor: "I don't think he wants to waste a billion dollars of his money, at least I hope not. I could think of a few things he could use his money for instead."

If you ever need an example of how uninformed and shallow some of these commentators are consider the one Boykin provided you. Bloomberg may not run but money will play no part in his decision.

Bloomberg's net worth is estimated at $12 billion. His wealth increases by millions of dollars every week.

If Bloomberg writes himself a check for one of those billions, his fortune remains $11 billion. Assuming 5 percent interest income on the post-campaign donation balance, Bloomberg would earn $550 million annually in interest alone.

Critics could certainly argue that if Bloomberg spent $1 billion on a futile campaign effort, the money is "wasted" and other things could have been done with it.

But Bloomberg, I'm sure, would not view it that way. And his is the only opinion that counts.

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