A Black Reader Says She Hopes Whites Don't Take The Obama Guilt Trip
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From: Elizabeth Wright: (e-mail her)

For months now, ever since Barack Obama announced that he would be a presidential candidate, I've wondered why the Democrats want to commit suicide.

There is no way on God's green earth that Americans are going to vote a black man to be president, especially one who has the names Hussein and Obama.

Nor will they vote for a woman (Hillary Clinton) and certainly not one who is married to a former president who carries all Bill's negative baggage.

It just doesn't make any sense that the Democratic Party could have misread so completely the temper of the times.

I thought the Democrats would do the sensible thing early on by focusing their energies and resources around John Edwards. Why wouldn't he be the logical candidate for them? What do they have against Edwards? If they had backed him, we wouldn't be caught up in the current race-gender circus

Hillary and Obama would be on the sidelines squabbling between themselves while the credible Edwards chalked up primary victories, remaining well above the fray. 

But right now, all three of them look silly.  Edwards, as he tries to distinguish himself from the two brawlers, appears as out of touch as the two frontrunners.

The Republicans will come out with their candidate, Mitt Romney or John McCain, looking mature, steady, and all-American, and the public will remember the childish, embarrassing feuding of what may turn out to be the Clinton-Obama ticket—the "diversity" folk. 

What in the world makes the Democrats think that Americans would vote for both of these aberrations if they appear on the same ticket? Have they lost all contact with the real world?

As crazy as white Americans are, supposedly consumed with guilt over race, when the moment comes and they stand in that booth and realize what's at stake, I'm betting that they're not going to give a damn about being called "racists" or "sexists." 

Even after all the decades of multicultural brainwashing, most whites are not going to pull the lever for a couple of oddballs, just because they dream of being the "first" of their kind.

At least, that's what I hope. Maybe I'll be disappointed. The idea that there might be a substantial number of whites that still feel they must prove themselves regarding race and feel the need to defer to blacks is horrifying. 

May the country be saved from people who suffer from this psychotic fixation.

Elizabeth Wright is the editor of the newsletter, Issues & Views, initially published in 1985 as a hard copy edition. Her previous letter about Obama's appeal to guilty whites is here. Other letters from Wright are here.

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