The Sacramento Bee Suppresses A Reader's Comment On Immigration And Race On Public Education
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From: Steve Funk (e-mail him)

The Sacramento Bee's suppressed a comment I made in response to its recent rah-rah editorial encouraging more immigration and amnesty. ["Governor, President Get Immigration Right," Editorial, Sacramento Bee, March 29, 2008]

Here's what I wrote:

"Meanwhile, the Bee news section reported just one day ago that California is the worst in the nation for compliance with No Child Left Behind mandates.  Could illegal immigration have anything to do with this?  Duh.  All those kids who can't speak English might pull the scores down. [A Steep Grade to Climb, By Laura Rosenhall, Sacramento Bee, March 30, 2008]

"And, unfortunately, Dr. James Watson was right when he said there is a relationship between race and intelligence.  The average Native American has an IQ around 90.  We have enough problems helping out and trying to assimilate the Native Americans from this country who do not have language issues.  We can not take in many millions more from Mexico without serious damage to our civilization and culture."

About 90 percent of the comments were strongly opposed to the Bee's pro-immigration position. 

But the Bee ignored my take because I dared mention the politically-unspeakable issue of race and intelligence. 

Funk's previous letters about Fox News bias and Pat Buchanan's misunderstanding of global warming are here and here.

Joe Guzzardi adds: The Sacramento Bee has a long history of omitting key facts from the immigration debate. The Bee went so far as to employ—for twelve years—columnist Diana Griego Erwin who fabricated stories to satisfy her employer's (and her own) pro-immigration bias. Columns and blogs I wrote about the Bee- Greigo Erwin saga are here and here.

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