A California Reader Says If Republicans Buy Meg Whitman's Act, They Don't Know History
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From: Preston Parrish, III (e-mail him)

Re: A California Reader Doesn't Trust Meg Whitman

Letter writer Sandra Hitchcock is correct in her skepticism about Meg Whitman.

If Whitman can convince California Republicans that a rich political outsider with a successful business resume can turn the state around, they deserve what they get.

Does the name Arnold Schwarzenegger ring a bell?

Schwarzenegger, who also campaigned as an outsider, has had an approval rating in the 20 percent range for months and with good reason. He's been one of California's least effective governors.

When Schwarzenegger took office in 2003 our hopes were high that as a legal immigrant, he would become an advocate for coming down hard on aliens.

Instead, Schwarzenegger turned out to be just another sorry RINO.

Should the unlikely happen and Whitman upset Jerry Brown, I expect no better from her on the immigration issue.

Parrish teaches music at a California community college.

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