A California Environmentalist Remembers When Congressman Tom McClintock Was Too Cowardly To Mention Immigration In His Gubernatorial Campaign
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From: Wanda Gomez-Berger (e-mail her)

Re: The Washington Watcher's Column: After Tancredo: There Are Emerging Leaders In Congress—But Which Will Introduce An Immigration Moratorium Bill?

The Washington Watcher wrote:

"Freshman Rep. Tom McClintock already established himself as one of the premier advocates for patriotic immigration reform in California. He campaigned tirelessly for Proposition 187 and continued to speak out against the Gray Davis sellout in the courts. McClintock also co-sponsored a bill to end birthright citizenship."

I have a different, less flattering recollection of McClintock.

During the 2003 Governor's special election to replace incumbent Gray Davis, McClintock failed at every opportunity to address California's immigration crisis in his campaign or on his website.

McClintock's failure to capitalize on his opportunity to bring immigration's negative fiscal and cultural impact on my state into the spotlight let many Republican voters down.

Although McClintock had a golden opportunity to ignite an intelligent immigration debate, he chose instead to ignore it.

As a result Arnold Schwarzenegger walked away with the election. McClintock got what he deserved when he finished third and garnered fewer votes than the disaster Cruz Bustamante.

Gomez-Berger, a long-standing advocate of population stabilization, describes herself as "a thorn in the side of those who misapply hagiography to illegal aliens." Her previous letters about Michelle Malkin and the connection between Morris Dees and the Habitat for Humanity are here and here.

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