A Nevada Reader, Professional Gambler, Says "Odds Are" That Winning Preakness Jockey Is An Illegal Alien
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From: "Whispering Eddie" (e-mail him)

To use betting parlance, the odds are that the Preakness' winning jockey, Martin Garcia, is an illegal alien.

In a race-day story about Garcia, the New York Times reported that he "grew up on a ranch in Mexico" and "came" to the United States in 2003.

Garcia, who spoke no English, "took a job" as "a cook" at a deli in Pleasanton, California.

The story is as telling for what it doesn't reveal as what it does.

Nowhere is there a mention of Garcia's immigration status or whether he is an American citizen. Obviously if Garcia were legally in the U.S. or a citizen, the Times would have made a big deal about it. [Leaving the Kitchen, Stepping into the Limelight, by Joe Drape, New York Times, May 13, 2010]

Since Garcia is now cozy with the money crowd, one of the horse's owners could have hooked him up with an immigration lawyer to adjust his status.

But again, the story doesn't say that—so I assume it's not what happened.

Jockey—another job Americans won't do.

"Whispering Eddie" says he left a dead-end insurance job in New Jersey six years ago to wager on professional sports and play poker. He says that although he is only "a few cents" ahead, he's having more fun…despite Nevada's high illegal alien population. Eddie's previous letter outlining the betting odds on then-candidate Barack Obama is here.

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