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05/14/10 - A Florida Reader Notes Walking While White Is Dangerous

A Delaware Reader Congratulates VDARE.COM On A Job Well Done; etc.

From: Midge Jones (e-mail him)

As usual, VDARE.COM has done an outstanding job of covering the Arizona S.B. 1070 law and emphasized what the site has been writing for years—that the illegal alien invasion has overtaken American and must be stopped.

And also as usual, the Main Stream Media has spewed out the predictable outrageous garbage about how S.B. 1070 will lead to racial profiling and its advocates are Nazi sympathizers.

The Arizona citizens like those of California, New York, Georgia, Illinois, Texas and all others that have been overwhelmed by illegal immigrants need to have the federal government do its job of securing our borders and protecting its citizens.

We waste vast taxpayer resources in distant lands for dubious purposes that have no tangible consequences for national security.

The last two administrations, one Republican, one Democrat, have fought against efforts to deter illegal immigration with the use of social security "no match" letters and the E-Verify program. Not only would it keep aliens out of American jobs but it would discourage others from leaving Mexico.

The only new immigration laws we need are the ones that will eliminate with the automatic birthright citizenship interpretation and another that will impose an immigration moratorium.

Jones's previous letter about Vice-President Joe Biden is here.

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A Hispanic Malcontent Calls S.B. 1070 "B.S."; Says VDARE.COM Is "Dumb And Naïve"; Allan Wall Replies

From:  Gabriel Rocha (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: Mexican Mewling, Hispanic Hysteria—American Patriots Must Support Arizona's S.B. 1070

Allan Wall wrote:

"The essence of SB 1070 is revolutionary because it's so simple—let Arizona's police enforce the law, which the federal government has manifestly failed to do."

Can he and all of you guys really be so incredibly dumb and naive?

The problem with this law is not its legality but rather its invitation to abuse.

Come on now, everybody knows that police in the state of Arizona will surely abuse S.B. 1070 by immediately engaging in unfair and unconstitutional profiling! That's the real worry.

And, yes... the Mexican government, the U.S. government, national organizations, civil rights leaders and anyone with a brain and their feet on the ground ought to be outraged and concerned.

This is basically a blanket license given to Arizona police to abuse human rights if their gut tells them to.

Oh, but wait... Governor Jan Brewer has assured all of us that Arizona police will be "trained" and held accountable if any abuse occurs. What a relief. Now everyone should feel better!

During the last few days, Arizona's own residents have started to boycott the state's tourism industry and to demand that it consider the repercussions of S.B. 1070 more seriously. Or else! This is what I call democracy in action.

If you claim to be such smart patriots, please stop acting like a bunch of idiots. This law is B.S. and you know it.

That includes you too, Señor Wall.

Allan Wall responds: What exactly is Rocha concerned about? Is he concerned that some Arizona residents are going to have to show their identification? White Americans have to show their IDs all the time for all sorts of things.

The real problem the enemies of S.B. 1070 is not what they refer to as human rights but the potential effectiveness of a state actually enforcing immigration law.

Critics like Rocha know that laws similar to S.B. 1070 may spread to other states. That scares them. Therefore, Hispanic ethnocentric groups and the Mexican government are working hard to squash it.

If Mr. Rocha has specific information about a particular Arizona cop who is mistreating people, by all means let him report that cop. Ominous but vague characterizations of the Arizona police and what they might do are just a smoke screen.

In Mexico the police are required to enforce immigration law. Why doesn't Mr. Rocha organize a campaign in Mexico to change that policy? After all, if it's human rights Rocha is concerned with, should he be equally troubled by what goes on in Mexico?

Joe Guzzardi adds: As I wrote once before about Rocha, we're pleased that he is a regular visitor to our site. Nothing is more flattering that dedicated readership. Who knows? Perhaps one day, Rocha will see the light. When that happens, he may even become a donor.

To see previous letters from and about Rocha, including one with Peter Brimelow's observation, click here.

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An Alabama Engineer Acknowledges His Debt Of Gratitude To Pat Buchanan

From: Hugh McInnish (e-mail him)

Re: Pat Buchanan's Column: The New Intolerance: Hatred Of The South Is Hatred Of America

I owe a special debt of gratitude to Pat Buchanan for his column equating hatred for the South to hatred for America and for demolishing the perennial lie that the heinous War of Northern Aggression was fought to free the slaves.

My great-grandfather, Col. David Crockett Crook, CSA, never owned a slave. He was seriously wounded at the Battle of Atlanta and nearly died but promised the Lord that if he were allowed to recover he would spend the rest of his life preaching the gospel.

He recovered and he kept his word. For years, he preached as a Methodist at a now unmarked spot on the map called Enon in central Alabama. After his last sermon, he died suddenly one Sunday afternoon.

But I confess to dereliction. I have held in my files for longer that I will say my application for membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. But tell Pat, next time you see him, that, inspired by him, I promise to get it in.

McInnish is a consulting engineer, an occasional contributor to VDARE.COM and the publisher of

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