A Nebraska Reader Says He Has No Freedom of Speech But Aliens Do
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From:  Stan Sipple [e-mail him]

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Thomas Sowell On Immigration Marches

The following is the text of a letter I wrote to Ms. A. Miller [e-mail] of the local ACLU chapter regarding what I think was a violation of my freedom of speech rights when I tried to express myself at a Lincoln, Nebraska illegal alien march.

"Yesterday April 10 I went to the state capitol west side to protest against illegal immigrants seeking a free pass in to the United States.  I brought a sign with me that said "GIVE BORDERS A CHANCE—NO AMNESTY" and on the other side said  "LOWER TUITION FOR AMERICANS—NOT ILLEGALS—NO ON LB 239"

The state patrol saw us and said we could not shout our message to the crowd because they (the illegals) had a permit. 

I can understand not trying to drown out the speakers but when the crowd was shouting to stay in America illegally, we should have been allowed to shout our message also. 

Please clarify the state patrol's policy and explain the city ordinance on parades. I would like to have the patrol its actions to chill free speech."

Let's see if the ACLU does its job.

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