A Reader Says On Easter Sunday We Should Show the Churches What We Think!
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A Nebraska Reader Says He Has No Freedom of Speech But Aliens Do

From:  Pat Sullivan [e-mail him]

Re: D.A. King's Blog: A Day Without Americans—April 17, 2006

King's suggestion that Americans stay home and not spend money on Tax Day, April 17 gave me another idea.

April 16 is Easter Sunday - an excellent opportunity for church-going

Americans to express their displeasure with Christian churches' prominent role in facilitating illegal immigration over the past 20 years, and especially their behavior in organizing and supporting the pro-illegal, anti-American demonstrations of the past few days.

I'm not suggesting that anyone skip Easter Sunday services—just the collection.  Withhold your usual donation and drop a note in the collection basket instead. 

Make pointed comments about "Cafeteria Americans" who pick and choose which laws they want to obey. 

Suggest that those who have loudly declared themselves ready to go to jail on behalf of illegal immigrants go to Mexico instead where they can work on changing the corrupt and selfish Mexican upper class rather than destroying the American middle class.

Ask why the poor of Latin America are more deserving of the churches' compassion than our own.

Send a message that you are fed up with the church's behavior

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