A German Reader Says Tyranny Follows the Death of Truth
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From:  Christian Peheim [e-mail him]


For three years, I have read VDARE.COM even though I am a German living in Austria.

I see exactly the same problems happening in our everyday lives in Europe as you experience in America: an invasion of immigrants, often illegal ones, gutmenschen (bleeding hearts) distorting and suppressing the truth because truth doesn't help them, cowards in politics and in the press who simply avoid anything that can diminish their chances for re-election or provide balance to an argument.

It is so much easier and much more profitable to join the politically correct mainstream and pretend to be an immigration enthusiast.

Truth in Europe is not endangered; in many countries it's already extinct.

Since there is almost no constitutional guarantee of free speech and since white males, especially Germans, easily can be accused of being Nazis, hate speech laws have a devastating effect.

Nowadays we can see that tyranny always follows the destruction and death of truth.

Keep on with your good work.

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