A Nebraska Reader Reports That Interracial (I. E. Black) Violence At A Girls' Basketball Game In Nebraska Is Being Blamed On Trump
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From: Dale Gribble [Email him]

Sean Hannity and the Fox MAGA crew repeat that Trump is good for minorities because he has lowered their unemployment rate

It turns out telling that to a minority is now a microaggression

Earlier this month the vibrant Lincoln High School Girls Basketball Team encountered a “hostile” environment in Fremont, Nebraska

The Lincoln Journal-Star (aka Buffett Journal-Star) reported that a Fremont student taunted the Lincoln High team with racial slurs. The Fremont kids threw things at the Lincoln High girls and the Lincoln High girls responded with punches. [School officials addressing fallout from racially charged confrontation at LHS-Fremont girls basketball game, by Margaret Reist February 19, 2020]

The Lincoln High coach (Dominique Kelley-Johnson, right) posted on Facebook that some Fremont fans came to the game wearing Trump gear and some (the horror!) stated that Trump was good for black employment.

It was one of the more hostile environments I’ve experienced with high school athletics and I saw several students wearing Trump 2020 shirts and hats. We had a grown man walk up to our players prior to the game and tell them, “Black and Latino unemployment rate is the lowest it's ever been." Guess what kind of hat he had on? Several of my players and student managers were distraught and balling [sic, perhaps she means "bawling"] by the altercation and so was I, because in that moment, I was stunned and I felt like I failed to protect them.

Neither the Lincoln Journal-Star article nor the coach's Facebook post directly states that a Trump supporter called a Lincoln High player a racial slur.

Guilt by association is enough.

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