A Reader Asks Why Imus And Why Now?
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04/10/07 - A Missouri Reader Says Show Me About Euphemisms

From: A Reader

Why have the traditional enemies of America suddenly embarked on a campaign to fire Don Imus? His controversial comments are similar to what has been heard on his show for many years. His reference to the heavily tattooed, black "students" on the Rutgers women's basketball team was in language they are likely to use and hear in the 'hood. Probably his calling the Tennessee women "cute" upset the enemies even more than the Ebonics—as did Peter Brimelow's reference to his childrens' blond hair and blue eyes in Alien Nation.

Despite Imus's shameless groveling to the lowliest gutter creatures, such as "Reverend" Al Sharpton, the enemies have turned up the heat, with Neocon John Leo accusing Imus of anti-Semitism in today's Wall Street Journal [Imus's Enablers, April 11, 2007, (Link may require subscription)]

They clearly want Imus gone. NOW!

Could the real reason be that Imus sometimes provides a forum for Pat Buchanan and a few other opponents of mass immigration? It certainly will be easier to push through alien amnesty if the peasants are kept in the dark about actual provisions in the bill that contradict the Bush-puppet's prepared statements. Limbaugh, Hannity, and the lesser Neocon talkers can be counted upon to mislead and deliver their dittoheads, but anything might happen on the uncontrollable Imus show.

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