A CA Reader Predicts Treason Lobby Will Make Economic Chaos A Reason For Amnesty
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From: Judy Payne (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: McCain On Univision: He Will Work For Amnesty Starting "The First Day"

John McCain may have promised amnesty to Jorge Ramos in his recent interview.  

But in light of the financial markets' meltdown, it seems improbable that McCain would attempt it and even less likely that he'd be able to pull it off.  
If the new Congress spends so much as fifteen seconds arguing to bring lawbreaking aliens "out of the shadows" while honest, taxpaying citizens watch their savings and home equity continue to evaporate, there could be a serious backlash—doubly so when Americans realize that many illegal immigrants defaulted on their mortgages, thus contributing to the mess we're in.  

Not that the other side won't try to get its way.  

Remember how cleverly the ethnic identity lobbyists argued post 9/11 when they claimed that the only way the nation could be safe would be by "identifying" all its residents, i.e., amnesty.  

And the next thing we knew, 9/11 was a distant memory and the full court press for amnesty began anew.

Payne's previous letter asking why we should educate alien children if they are here to do menial jobs Americans won't is here.

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