A Missouri African-American Says Immigration Key Issue For Blacks
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From: Harry Simpson (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: An Illinois African-American Reader Says To Restore Itself, The GOP Must Attract Black Christians

If the GOP wants to attract conservative black Christians into its fold, as letter writer "Braveheart" suggests, the bar must be immigration.

Whether Republican candidates are black or white, the abandonment of the traditional GOP perspective on immigration—less of it and more law enforcement—has killed the party.

Too few black voters understand how badly Open Borders hurts all their causes. The primary reason for their lack of insight is because candidates don't bring it to their attention.

And that's because too many black candidates have sold out to the immigration enthusiasts.

I'm not just talking about the Congressional Black Caucus—100 percent Democratic. Take a look at how far up the GOP ladder former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts climbed.

A self-labeled "devoted conservative" and Republican House Conference Chair, Watts had an "F" grade on immigration.

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