Florida Reader Says Take Your Choice—Charity For Aliens Or Your Family
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From: Wanda de Jesus (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's column: Mexico's Take Over Of California: Complete By 2014?

California is not the only state going under.

Here in Florida, tax receipts are down dramatically. And for workers, our tax bite is up—the double whammy.

According to the data:

"Skyrocketing property taxes have established local taxes as, by far, the fastest growing level of taxation in Florida.

Local taxes increased by a phenomenal 50 percent in just three years (2004-2007). As a result, these taxes now almost equal the amount of state taxes paid by Floridians. Local taxes were 9 percent of Floridians' tax bill in 1980; they now comprise 16 percent of the total tax burden."

Those few remaining fiscally safe states will be bled dry paying for bad management—that is, tolerance of illegal aliens— in other states

Illegal immigration is no longer an issue to be debated in feel good terms.

It is now a matter of survival. Which do you choose—charity for aliens or your family?

Wake up, fellow Floridians—and New Yorkers, Texans and all the rest.

Your turn is next.

de Jesus, a third generation American, is a primary school teacher in the Miami area. Her previous letter about Miami mayor Manny Diaz is here.

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