Columnist Rob Sanchez Says Keep Up The Pressure On DOD!
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From: Rob Sanchez [e-mail him]

Readers of my recent VDARE.COM column, DOD Eases Security Rules For Foreign Workers among others, did a good job of ambushing the cheap labor lobby by flooding the Department of Defense with comments.

We won an impressive battle at least from a public relations perspective. The cheap labor lobby fully recognizes that we are a hindrance to its plans.

To coin a military phrase, we're on their radar screens!

I commend all of you that took time out to send an email to express your concerns about the DOD proposal to reduce security requirements for foreign workers that, at the same time, displaces American workers.

An attorney at Cornell University has asked and been granted an extension of the original deadline for additional comments. The new deadline is November 2nd.

Cornell's move is an opening salvo for universities and big business to mount an all-out campaign to push its reduced security perspective. Billions of dollars are at stake so expect them to take the threat we pose to their bottom line very seriously.

To make sure their plan backfires, we are going to mount another email campaign. That will give all of you that didn't participate last time a chance to join the fray.

The procedure for viewing documents has changed once again.

Follow these directions verbatim.

1) Go to this page;

2) Enter "2004-D010" without quotes in the search engine. Leave all other settings at default.

3) Click the submit button.

4) In the Docket ID column click DARS-2006-0065.

5) You will see comments listed under the column labeled "Views". Just click on them to read.

Sanchez (email him) is a Senior Writing Fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization and author of the "Job Destruction Newsletter" (sign up for it here) at

His VDARE.COM archive is here

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