A Texas Reader Says It`s Time For Honesty And Self-Respect
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August 03, 2006, 05:00 AM
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From: Christopher T. J. Sawyer [e-mail him]

Re: Bryanna Beven`s Column: Carlos Mencia Can`t Even Spell PC Ande Neither Can…Thank God!!

Thanks so much to Bryanna for adding humor to our immigration reform quest.

When Bryanna wrote this about Mencia, I knew she`s right on!

"He (Mencia) noticed that, out in the audience, the Black people were laughing and the Whites were sitting silently…not because it wasn`t funny but because they (like everybody else) didn`t think they were allowed to laugh."

This what I detest most: the tippy toe Anglo political correctness and the fear of being honest as if truth in life and in relationships is hurtful.

If Americans had more self-respect and confidence in ourselves, we wouldn`t flinch at ending the border catastrophe.

Fear destroys all things. Our fear of offending is making defending the border ridiculously difficult.

Sawyer`s previous letter regarding the MSM and its influence on the Senate can be read here.