A Military Reader Wonders When The Pentagon's Diversity Machine Will Recognize African-Americans Who Are White...Like Elon And Charlize
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From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him]

While black historian Carter Woodson pioneered Black History Month (originally "Negro History Week" in 1926) in February to fit in  both with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and that of Frederick Douglass, it’s since been changed, in official Army communiques to African-American History Month.

In spite of recognizing the contributions of African-Americans such as the communist Angela Davis (the Pentagon once recognized her with by posting her photo in a display) it often neglects other notable African-Americans.

In spite of its claims, African-American history month is not inclusive, and discriminates against African immigrants…because they’re white. I note that the individuals below have made great contributions in their respective occupations but have been ignored by the press and the civil rights establishment. Is this equity?

Elon Musk:

Charlize Theron:

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