A Military Reader Reports A DOD Poster With Pictures Of Communists On It—In Honor Of Black History Month
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From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email him]

With "Black History Month" in full swing in the Pentagon this February there was a rather amateurish poster featuring black "heroes" of the Civil Rights Movement.

Two of those featured were Bayard Rustin and W.E.B. Dubois, self-acknowledged Communists. This isn't the first time Washington Headquarters Services has featured Reds, a few years ago Angela Davis, VP of the CPUSA was splashed on a poster as a black heroine.

From past observation the Headquarters Services is either Red-infiltrated or in the hands of boobs. The Secretary of Defense or the service secretaries never notice, or care, about celebrating Communists. But this isn't just an Obama phenomena, it also went on under Bush whose appointees refused to defend their own from the skullduggery of the career bureaucracy preferring to throw them to the wolves.

See previous letters from the same reason.

James Fulford writes: The poster may look amateurish, but it’s official, produced by DEOMI, the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, which has an announcement of the poster here PDF and ten years of posters here. DEOMI doesn’t have to be infiltrated—Cultural Marxism is their official job. The history of the Civil Rights Movement does not have a lot of heroes who were intensely loyal to America—Sam Francis did a column on the some of the far-Left influences on the movement which we published under the title of Abolishing America, Cont'd: Black History…or Red?

Here are the civil rights heroes profiled on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act Of 1964.

Black History

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