A Michigan Reader Blames Bush and the Chamber of Commerce
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A Reader Crunches Census Bureau Data to Get to the Bottom of the Fiancée Visa Quandary

From: Steve Antonucci [e-mail him]

Re: Juan Mann's Column: Chertoff Fiddles While Deportation System Burns

Juan Mann always offers the best insight into illegal immigration on VDARE.

I think it is very important to stress the fact that the Bush administration flat-out does not want to stop illegal immigration.

Bush and his appointees like Homeland Defense Secretary Michael Chertoff want more illegal immigration. Essentially Bush is committing treason through his active refusal to enforce existing laws.

Bush and his staff are well aware of what they are doing. 

The Chamber of Commerce tells Bush that business executives want the unofficial off-the-books labor despite the fact that it violates federal laws and destroys the opportunities of honest, legal residents

VDARE.COM needs to emphasize that the Bush administration and the Chamber of Commerce are the greatest enemies facing law-abiding Americans.

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