A Mexican VDARE.Com Reader Wonders What To Do For The Best
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post: "The Last Word On Mexico" —A Dangerously Insightful Essay On Mexican History

From Ruben [Email him]

I'm Mexican, and I'm an avid reader of Vdare.com. It has shown me the lies of the government and how immigration affects Mexico negatively more than it benefits them.

I've been wondering, re the “The last word on Mexico” By Mark In Mexico. What was the point of posting it? Were you just trying to say "Look at that place, it's terrible, it's so nice we don't live there"?

Were you just trying to make fun of Mexico?

I've written an email to Allan Wall previously over this: Comments section of sites like Miami Herald, the LA Times, SFGate and The Houston Chronicle contain the thoughts of many Americans. How they almost seem to be laughing at the drug war, at our disgrace.

When the terrorist attack in a Casino of Monterrey happened, I saw this: "Good, 53  less burdens on the U.S.".

I understand that Mexico has many, many problems. But is it so terrible that you wish us death? If the essay posted by "Mark in Mexico" is also a mirror of your thoughts, then I'm not sure what to say.

On a second, semi-related note: in your opinion, what do you think that I can do?

Unlike some people  believe, I don't have any connections with Drug Cartels. I don't tell other people here "Hey, let's go to the USA and wage a demographic war against the most powerful nation on earth" I don't like the drug war (And I don't think any Mexican does). I don't know how to handle a gun nor I have any military experience.

I am just an Engineering student with a part-time job as a waiter. It is my goal to become rich, and perhaps open a big business. But a politician or influential person I am not.

I would like to know what I can do to make this country, the country I was born in, for better or for worse.

I suppose you must also know that a government doesn't necessarily act according to the will of its citizens, otherwise the U.S. would handle illegal immigration, wouldn't have so many missions in the Middle East, and wouldn't send so much aid to Israel.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this tedious mail.

James Fulford writes: Well, the first thing is that Mark’s essay is his own thinking, and he actually does live in Mexico—which is one reason he’s anonymous. We reproduced it to keep it from vanishing from the web, but we don’t endorse everything in it

Second, I recognize that newspaper comments can get ugly, which is one reason we don’t have comments ourselves. If something ugly is going to be said here, we’ll say it.

Thirdly, there is no one VDARE.com position on Mexico, but we have more writers who speak Spanish, understand Mexico, than most journals of opinion. Some of them like Mexico, and some don’t. Chilton Williamson does both—see his essay My Two Mexicos. We do not find the drug war funny.

As for what to do for the best, I know it sounds like something a commenter on a newspaper would say, but I really think the single best thing you can do to improve your country’s future is to stay home. I mean that seriously—there are times in history when you have to be a refugee, but mostly it’s better to stay and fight.

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