A South Carolina Reader Turns Rick Perry's "Heartless" Accusation Back On Him
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 Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog post GOP Debate: Could The Immigration Message Be Getting Through?

From: Lee [Email him]

I am 52. All my adult life I have heard Democrats saying their Republican opponents have "no heart", are "heartless", etc.

This reached a crescendo during 1981, when Reagan was at the beginning of his presidency, and had announced plans to make 'big" cuts to federal programs.

The media would show things like  a black woman living in a shack in Mississippi, wailing that her 13 children would starve if Reagan got what he wanted.

Rick Perry using that line in the latest debate is the first time I can recall ever having heard a Republican employ the "heartless" baseball bat to whack an opponent with. He said those who want the children of illegal aliens not to be educated here—and not get the in-state tuition rate privilege—have no "heart".

I want to turn the table on Rick Perry and say: To advocate, as Rick Perry does, forcing American taxpayers to part with their hard-earned dollars to provide financing for the education of the children of illegal aliens, is heartless.

For these foreigners to come here and make their children in any way a burden on Americans (who, after all, are not made of money), and be abetted in this by an American politician—that is heartless.

Lee's most recent email was  A South Carolina Reader Wonders Why It's Wrong To Have Immigrants Who Look Like Pre-1965 Americans.

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