A Mexican Living In Canada Demands That Readers Take A Good Look At VDARE.COM
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01/26/08 - A Mexican-American Thinks Allan Wall Is Too Soft On Mexico

From: Jesús Peña (e-mail him)

Re: Augusto Perez's Letter: A Hispanic Reader In Wyoming Says The Mexican Government Overlooks An Easy Solution To Alleged Inhumanity To Its Citizens In The U.S.

Perez should not trivialize a complex problem

Is Mr. Perez a communist? I didn't think so, and neither is the country of Mexico.

How can a non-communist government encourage millions of settled people to move from their chosen places of residence (the U.S.) back to Mexico as Perez encourages?  

I know the Mexicans living in the U.S. that Perez refers to are illegal aliens. But for many years the American economy has lured millions to move north and for as many years the American government did nothing to stop them.

These days, since the U.S. economy is struggling, everybody looks for scapegoats.  For xenophobes, those scapegoats are illegal aliens.

Some specialized xenophobes even choose their least-admired population segment to direct their hate against, be they Mexicans, Asians, etc.

While I think it would be better if Mexicans stayed home instead of exposing themselves to abuse, I think also the Mexican government is doing the right thing in using taxes to try to minimize the inhumane treatment illegal immigrants are subjected to in the US.

And that is not the only thing the Mexican government is doing. It is also fighting crime and corruption in Mexico where it exists mainly because of the voracious drug consumption of its American neighbors.

The American government should encourage its citizens to utilize less illegal drugs, but I don't think that will happen very soon, since it is a big business, and there are corrupt public servants in the US just as in Mexico.

Americans are not immune to corruption, although this is difficult for some to fathom.

By the way, has Perez taken a good look at VDARE.COM?

It is not just against illegal immigration, but any kind of immigration, and some of them (read Steve Sailer, for example) think that Caucasian people are better, or at least more intelligent than Hispanics.

And Brenda Walker thinks that Mexico is a failed state and a sewer.

Perez is in good company, I suppose.

Joe Guzzardi comments: VDARE.COM is much more generous to Peña than he is to us. This is the third critical letter from him that we have posted. (Read the previous ones here and here.) But that's the way VDARE.COM is—magnanimous.

Where is this "abuse" toward Mexicans that we are always hearing about? Steve Sailer doesn't commit it nor does Brenda Walker? Now if you want to talk about the local factory owner…well, that may be a different story. All of the VDARE.COM editors have called for strict enforcement of immigration law with heavy fines and sanctions for employers who break those laws.

Credit goes to Peña however for coining a new kind of slur: "specialized xenophobes."  Who knows, it might catch on.

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