A Medical Doctor Recalls When Henry Louis Gates Displayed His Racism In Front Of A Television Audience
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From: Herbert Chen, M.D. (e-mail him)

Re: Matthew Richer's Blog: Henry Louis Gates' Goofball Allegations Of Police Racism

Richer's blog outlining Dr. Henry Louis Gates arrest reminds me of a past incident wherein Gates displayed his anti-white bias.

Dr. Gates once spoke to a Booktv audience of several hundred people describing the hardships he met trying to get his book Africana: The Encyclopedia of Africa and the African American Experience published.

As Gates explained it, he had approached Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Steve Forbes to get the several million dollars required to produce his book but was turned down by all of them.

As Gates told the audience, his rejections was more evidence that white America was trying to keep the African-American in his place.

Eventually, Gates' book was published by the Gates Foundation.

My question to Harvard's Gates is why didn't he bother to ask wealthy blacks like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby or Michael Jordan to fund his book?

Sadly that question was never put to him during the presentation.

Chen, who practices in a state carried by Obama, wrote a previous letter urging the federal government not to invite the entire world to America. Read it here.

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