A Maryland Reader Notes A Setback For Subversive Casa de Maryland
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From: Dave Foutz (e-mail him)

Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold who instituted 287 (g) last year has witnessed the numbers of foreign-born inmates referred to federal authorities (and thereby be put on the path to deportation) increase three to four times in barely more than a year.

In March 2008, Leopold ordered jail staff to begin reporting foreign-born inmates to ICE within an hour of their arrest rather than once a week in a large group. [County Gets More Illegal Aliens Deported, by Scott Daugherty, The Capital, July 19, 2009]

Unlike others in political positions of power, Leopold understands what "illegal" means.

Leopold, a long time foe of criminal aliens said: "Illegal means illegal. I think most people would agree illegal immigrants who commit crimes ... shouldn't be in this country." (Leopold contact information here.)

Leopold's position is a tough pill to swallow for the anti-American finks at Casa de Maryland who naturally argue that anything resembling law enforcement is a violation of immigrants' rights.

Foutz is a former Maryland employee.

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