Henry Louis Gates' Goofball Allegations Of Police Racism
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Race-hustling  Harvard professor  Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is accusing the Cambridge Police of racially profiling him.   The amusing thing is that even the Boston media doesn't seem to be buying it.

According to the police report, which is well worth reading, a neighbor called  911 to report a possible break-in at Gates' Cambridge residence.   But when the officer responded, Gates belligerently berated him for being a racist.   When the officer then asked to speak to him outside, Gates shouted,

"Ya, I'll speak to your mama outside."

This, from "one of the nation's pre-eminent African-American scholars", as the Boston Globe describes him.

The officer arrested Gates for disorderly conduct and, from the police report, one can understand why.

Crime is a major problem in Cambridge, if only because Harvard, like Yale, foolishly allowed housing projects to built right near campus in order to show how tolerant they are. A drug-related murder recently occurred on the Harvard campus — and yes, those involved were all black.

No doubt, in the People's Republic of Cambridge, policemen are forced to endure significant "sensitivity training" regarding race (Cambridge even has a "Peace Commission" ).   But the responding officers are white and Hispanic and their reports coincide. There also seem to be several witnesses who watched from the street.

Read this article from DigitalJournal for a good take on Cambridge, crime and Gates.


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