A MA Reader Warns That Alien Gangs Have Invaded Nantucket
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From: Aldo Amatucci 

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Abolishing New England: Cheap Labor vs. College Kids

Central and South American illegal alien gangs have sprouted up on Nantucket, once a quaint New England vacation paradise. [Suspects, Victims, Immigrants All, By Michael Levenson, Boston Globe, June 21, 2007]

When I was a kid, I spent time on Cape Cod for at least a week or two every summer. I never saw anyone but college and high school kids working in the shops or doing seasonal jobs at the hotels and restaurants.

Those kids have been replaced with immigrants, some legal but many not. Too bad the aliens couldn't hang around the traitor Kennedy's Hyannis compound—wishful thinking, I guess.

Everyday I see Boston changing before my eyes for the worse.

Amatucci is a Boston native who serves on his town's Board of Health. He reports that he is trying, with limited success so far, to enforce existing health codes and thereby make his community less attractive to aliens.

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