A PA Reader Encourages Immigration Peace Between the National Review and VDARE.COM; Patrick Cleburne Says Phooey
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From: Wolfgang Zernik [e-mail him]

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Hopalong Goldberg?

I am delighted that what you call the Goldberg Review (aka, the National Review) is now on the same page on immigration issue that you are.

I would like to suggest that you take this opportunity after all these years to make peace with what is now an allied and powerful voice.

I understand that this may be difficult to do. There has been a long history of disagreement and bad feeling. Jobs have been lost; careers have been ruined. I know all of that. So it is understandable that Mr. Goldberg's recent conversion to your position has been commented on very bitterly in several recent postings.

Yet the fact remains that we are still in a perilous minority versus the establishment elite and the MSM. So unity is important—for heaven's sake, take this chance to make peace.

[Wolfgang Zernik is a long-time friend of VDARE.COM.]

Patrick Cleburne replies:  I wonder if Wolfgang Zernik also contacted National Review with his proposal? Could an offer for NRO to return Peter Brimelow's position be in the mail? Has anyone seen friendly references to VDARE.com at NRO? Or any references of any kind?

Several readers have written to me in this vein. At best, they are being childishly naive. The problem with neoconservatives is that they bring their policies with them. Right now, to preserve credibility, they have to write restrictionist material.

Much of it is very good – they did not get where they are without talent. But once the storm passes, they will revert to their own preferences and immigration control will be shelved.

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