A Louisiana Reader Notes That Immigration Lawyers And Their Illegal Clients Don't Have Faith In Obamnesty—Especially If There's No Second Term
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Re: A Louisiana Reader Says That Romney Could Have Stopped The Obamnesty By Promising To Repeal It—Illegals Would Be Afraid To Come Forward

From: Louisiana Reader [Email him]

These immigration lawyers are a cautious bunch, at least when it comes to Obamnesty: Immigrants wrestle with hope, uncertainty, By Brian Chasnoff, MySanAntonio.com, June 30, 2012.

Where we see GOP capitulation and spinelessness , they see "Republicans grimly determined to reverse any progress made by Obama." They're worried about Obamnesty tanking "if the president is not re-elected or stymied by Congress." It's as if they've been following closely Patrick Cleburne's posts.

Also, the young illegal interviewed for the story didn't want the reporter using her last name. Apparently, they don't all want to be "outed."

This best is saved for the end. "There's always the possibility that this is going to go away, that this will lead to removals." And we'll wake up and realize it was all a bad DREAM.

“Louisiana Reader” visits the Rio Grande area two or three times a year. See previous letters from him here.

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