A Reader Doesn't Think Much Of Mexico's "Claim" To The Southwest
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Re: A Hispanic Reader Compares Virginia Dare And The Lost Colony To Modern Illegals

From: Another Anonymous Reader [Email him]

Re Antonio Hernandez’s implicit claim to parts of the Southwest. No doubt about it—based on linguistic maps, the Mexican people have an enormous claim on Estados Unidos territory. 

(Sarcasm switch now in off position.)

Ethnolinguistic Map Of Mexico

James Fulford writes: The reader's point is that before Columbus came to America, there was not one Mexican nation but many: Aztec, Mixtec, Kickapoo, Papago, whatever. Which of them gets the Southwest? Answer: None of them, the US still has an Army.

I see that there are 40, 000 speakers of “Plautdietsch” in Mexico. This is not an Indian language, but  a dialect of Low German, which I usually spell Plattdeutsch, but what do I know?

That’s spoken in the Mennonite Colonies in places like Chihuahua and Durango. They’ve never assimilated to Mexico’s official language, and neither have many of the off-brand Indian native tribes, who speak those odd surviving languages. The difference is that the Mennonites arrived in the 1920s, and the Indians have had over 500 years to learn Spanish.

That means you should not expect them to learn English anytime soon.

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