A Louisiana Reader Asks If California Schools "Bracero Studies" Curriculum Will Feature Mexican Government Corruption?
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Re: Brenda Walker’s blog California Puts Bracero Studies on the Curriculum

From: Louisiana Reader [Email him]

I just hope the California teachers include the part about corrupt Mexican politicians and bankers stealing the 10% of wages, deposited in good faith according to the bilateral Bracero agreement, by U.S. businesses in Mexican bank accounts.

Braceros in S.J. receive check

The Record (Stockton)

STOCKTON — A handful of San Joaquin County residents who were part of the post-World War II bracero program have finally started receiving long-overdue checks from the Mexican government.

The Bracero Association of Northern California has worked for years to get back pay into the hands of those braceros who are still alive. The money — about 38,000 pesos, or roughly $3,000 — was part of a pension fund deposited in Mexican banks. Under terms of that program, 10 percent of the workers’ paychecks was deposited in Mexico bank accounts. The money, however, disappeared — it is believed that corrupt officials looted the funds. [More]

More than 50 years later, the corrupt ruling class in Mexico is still stalling.  

These insights should not be included when discussing immigration in class. Create a new lesson plan: "A Mexican's worst enemy is another Mexican."

“Louisiana Reader” visits the Rio Grande area two or three times a year. See previous letters from him here.

James Fulford writes: This was discussed on VDARE.com: Memo From Mexico | Vicente Fox And The Braceros: Hypocrisy And FraudBy Allan Wall on March 23, 2004.

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